The Grinning Years. Lindsay Camp and Roger Williams
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Recc Fri 27Jan 5:37PM Found poems in coffee #1 on the Gloucester Rd this morning (copy 14). Really enjoyed them esp the one about happiness and cricket and the one about boys and being told what to do. Gave me a shiver of childhood. Really like this Book Crossing style releasing of books into the wild. Thanks - I had a nice morning.
Shelley Davies Fri 06Jan 10:24PM Well, the poems are good. How did the fridge work out?
Sat 24Dec 3:26PM Very glad to see these in print after coming across half of them in Lindsay's office 18 months ago and thinking, "These are really good, he should publish them".
Mon 19Dec 10:37AM I have savoured and enjoyed, and look forwards to giving copies to my family!

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